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Aura Photos by First Star
A Leader in Aura Photography

It is a scientific fact that every living being is surrounded by a subtle electromagnetic energy field. This is your aura. Although it can't be seen with the untrained eye it's as much a part of you as the person you see in the mirror. Each aura colour and its location on and around your body has a different meaning.

Your aura even gives you a glimpse into the future because that’s what the colours on your left side reveal. And, if you look closely you just might spot orbs or other psychic phenomena floating in your auric field.

The powerful system we will be using to capture your aura is the result of years of research and development on our part as well as dramatic breakthroughs in bio-sensor, computer, digital camera, and advanced Kirlian and Tesla technologies.

At some select events we also offer our exclusive aura-chakra photo combos. With the combos you not only find out the meanings of your aura colours but you also learn which of your chakras are balanced, which ones are not in harmony with the rest of our body, and if you have any blockages.

We are proud of the fact that over the years we had the honour to photograph the auras of a number of well known international celebrities. This includes the much beloved healer and humanitarian Patch Adams, M.D. (Yes. The one played by Robin Williams in the movie!), Best selling Harlequin novelist Joyce Sullivan, Distinguished martial arts grandmaster Jianye Jiang, and Renowned psychic medium Joseph Tittel.

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